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Tr-kit is a truncated form of the tyrosine kinase receptor c-kit expressed in the haploid phase of spermatogenesis. Upon microinjection, tr-kit triggers metaphase-to-anaphase transition in mouse eggs by the sequential activation of Fyn and PLCgamma1. Here, we show that tr-kit promotes the interaction of several tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins with the SH3 domain of PLCgamma1. Western blot analysis indicates that one of these proteins is Sam68, an RNA-binding protein that is known to interact with and be phosphorylated by Src-like kinases in mitosis. tr-kit promotes the association of Sam68 with PLCgamma1 and Fyn in a multimolecular complex, as demonstrated by co-immunoprecipitation of the phosphorylated forms of these proteins using antibodies directed to anyone of the partners of the complex. Expression of tr-kit potentiates the interaction of endogenous Sam68 also with the SH3 domain of Fyn. Furthermore, the subcellular localization of Sam68 is affected by tr-kit through activation of Fyn in live cells. Lastly, we show that interaction with the SH3 domain of Fyn triggers the release of Sam68 from bound RNA. Thus, our data suggest that tr-kit promotes the formation of a multimolecular complex composed of Fyn, PLCgamma1 and Sam68, which allows phosphorylation of PLCgamma1 by Fyn, and may modulate RNA metabolism.


Absence of Fyn and Src causes a reeler-like phenotype.

Kuo G, Arnaud L, Kronstad-O'Brien P, Cooper JA.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington 98109, USA.

Nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinases of the Src family regulate the survival, proliferation, differentiation, and motility of many cell types, but their roles in brain development are unclear. Biochemical and in vitro experiments implicate Src and Fyn in the Reelin-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of Dab1, which controls the positioning of radially migrating neurons in many brain regions. However, genetic evidence that either Src or Fyn mediates Reelin-dependent migrations in vivo has been lacking. Here, we report that, although Src is dispensable and although the absence of Fyn causes an intermediate phenotype, the combined absence of Src and Fyn almost abolishes tyrosine phosphorylation of Dab1 and causes defects in the fetal cortex and cerebellum very similar to those of dab1 mutants of the same age. Neurogenesis is not detectably affected, but the layering of neurons in the cortex is inverted, and the formation of the Purkinje plate is impaired. This implies that Src and Fyn are needed for Reelin-dependent events during brain development.

PMID: 16162939 [PubMed - in process]