2002,I left Biocarta to work at ITRI Research Institute at Taiwan,
Early Oct My mother pass away at San Diego, End of Oct,
I participate
d running exercise at ITRI, I fall down, I saw my
mother, She told me " It is not the time for you to come here,
go back!" I also saw my brother in law, two uncles, and

grandma! Few days later, I was moved to major hospital at Taipei!
One night, I waked up, and knell down against the window,
my wife ask me "What you doing?" I told her, "I saw Jesse"
I recover very good, with help from my brother in law
my son, and one friend, I created http://www.gene2gene.com
Michael Shih/creator of http://www.biocarta.com

After the accident, Dassy Sh, taking care all the drawing responsibility

To finish the project!








































Flowchart: Preparation: cv