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To assess a hypotensive activity ofnebivolol (nebilet) including its action on the 24-h profile and baroreceptorcontrol of arterial pressure (AP), vegetative regulation of the heart andvasculomotor endothelial function in AP patients, 30 AH patients were givennebivolol in a dose 5 mg/day for 8 weeks. The results of the treatment show thatnebivolol effectively maintains a safe 24-h control of AP, acts positively onchronostructure of AP 24-h profile, produced no clinically significant sideeffects, corrects vegetative heart regulation and improves baroreceptor APcontrol. Moreover, nebilet modulates a stable vasodilating effect which improvesfunction of vascular endothelium, initiates regression of left ventricularmyocardium hypertrophy by raising its elasticity without changing much itscontractile function. Thus, nebivolol is a highly effective drug for treatmentof arterial hypertension which corrects a wide spectrum of unfavourable shiftsin cardiovascular system function.

PMID: 14520947 [PubMed - inproce